Strategy Development


Developing a strategy for sustainable improvement requires identifying and understanding tradeoffs, and empowering leadership to narrow priorities, manage change and effectively communicate difficult decisions.  Overly bureaucratic and rigid processes too often culminate in documents that confuse density with true strategy.  We can support a streamlined process tailored to your institution that engages stakeholders and results in a concise, coherent plan to drive your work.


Leadership Advisory


We know that given the fast-paced, urgent nature of your work, it’s easy to be swept up in countless day-to-day demands.  If you are going to take the time to review your own practices that investment needs to get you tangible results.  We understand education environments as well as researched based and innovative practices from across industry sectors and will work closely with you to help you and your teams do your best work, focus on key priorities, and improve work-life balance.  Our advisory services include executive coaching, streamlining productivity tools, developing time management strategies, and revising leadership team management structures.


Systems Design and Process Improvement


The most perfect performance management, or recruitment or leadership pipeline system will not get you the results you need even when implemented well.  All systems and processes are in dynamic relationships to each other and to organizational culture.  Our approach to design is sensitive to this and focused on bringing value to all users who interact with your systems.  We go beyond the flow chart to build sustainability and results into your systems from the start.


Metrics and Measurement


Recent efforts to improve outcomes for students have focused on answering the "how have we done" questions at a macro level, like annual evaluations or spring student testing.  These are important measures, but a more nuanced approach to existing data can allow teams to better understand progress and make more informed decisions on an ongoing basis related to instructional and business practices, supports, and allocation of resources.  We can help you get more value out of your extant data, design collection and feedback systems to gather additional information, and communicate and translate that value effectively to a wide range of audiences.